About Kim


My journey with teens began in my early 20’s. I have worked with them in various phases since then and have always been drawn to their raw explosive energy, their innocence about the future, their feelings of invincibility and willingness to take on whatever challenge comes their way, and most of all their fresh resiliency and ability to live in the moment.

Now, things have changed a bit and with the onset of social media some of that carefree attitude has shifted but I truly believe that our teens still hold the promise of amazing attitudes and just need a few tools to remember this.
Being educated in nutrition and physiology, I thought the key to helping teens was through diet and exercise. While these elements are definitely part of the equation, I am now convinced that it’s our teenagers’ emotions and perspectives that we need to address first, to enable them to return to a sense of believing in who they are at the highest level.

This passion of mine became more pronounced and life changing as I saw my own children and children of friends facing serious challenges. As I found myself helping multiple teens, it became clear that this was my calling, my life’s purpose and a gift which also could help heal my own wounded teen.
Fast forward to today and you will find in me an advocate for teen empowerment and someone who will work endlessly to help teens everywhere experience their birthright of happiness and success.