quotation marksI have known Kim Kolb for 23 years. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, genuine and naturally caring about the well-being of others. She is continuously looking at life with a view of “how can I help this person?” Kim works tirelessly at studying and learning and has incredible knowledge of what our body and mind need to face daily challenges and become more confident, hopeful and productive people. Kim starts a conversation with everyone she meets at a store, restaurant, park, etc., leaving her special touch on the lives of many as she goes through her daily life. Her relationship with her own children is a wonderful testimonial to what kind of person she is. I am grateful for her influence on my children’s lives. Kim is especially good with teenagers, she listens, she cares, and she has the tools to have a positive impact on their lives. (Lisa B., Camarillo, CA)

quotation marksMrs. Kolb has been a second mother to me all my life. One of the most wonderful gifts she bestowed upon me was the wisdom that in order to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. She reminds me every day that when people say something to me or about me, it is just information, but I give it true meaning; I have control of my own purpose and worth in this world. It takes a generous person who can open her arms and heart up to so many people while empowering them to be the best version of themselves. As I look around at my life, my relationships, my education and my actions and reactions, there is no question that through her countless acts of love and guidance; she has shaped me into a mature, young woman ready to take on any challenge in this world. (Erica P., Kirtland, OH, age 19)

quotation marksWhat were my experiences with Kim like? They were very uplifting. She creates a safe environment for adolescents who can open up to her knowing she can listen and give great advice back. She is always waiting with her heart open and is genuinely excited about your accomplishments. She has a great set of skills with her ready to help. I know she is always on the look out for adventure and a new opportunity to help people. She has so much compassion and love ready to spread with the world. Her assignments she sometimes gives people always have the best lesson. I can connect with her very easily. That is my experience with Kim. (Jamie E., Willoughby, OH, age 15)

quotation marksKim’s youthful energy and positive outlook are catalysts for getting kids talking and thinking deeply about some big questions. I loved the EFT session! I had heard and read so much about this valuable technique and wanted to learn more. Kim has a thorough working knowledge of the technique and an easy-going teaching style. Additionally, we were given folders with written and visual instructions which helped immensely while we were learning and practicing on our own. I’m excited to have the use of the EFT for one reason or another, literally at my fingertips! Kim cooked for us! Twice! We had a lot of fun exploring new taste sensations. I’m sure my kids had never dreamed you could make chocolate pudding from avocado or tortillas without cooking. Her culinary delights opened up a whole new world to them! (Maureen P., Camarillo, CA)

quotation marksCali (Camarillo, CA, age 16): Kim was a nice lady and easy to talk to. She has open discussions and doesn’t make you feel judged.


quotation marksPatrick (Camarillo, CA, age 13): Thank you for understanding.


quotation marksJames ( Camarillo, CA, age 11): used these words to describe you: Energetic, happy, inspirational, nice


quotation marksKim has a positive attitude and always finds positive things to say even in negative situations. She is hard working and gives 110% of herself. She tailors the plan for you to help achieve your goals incorporating your likes and dislikes. She has a way of talking with kids. She is knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. She is a great asset to her profession. (Bev P.,  Camarillo, CA)

quotation marksMy coaching conversations with Kim have meant the world to me. Kim always listens without judgment, and I trust her completely. She really gets me! I leave every coaching session feeling more self-accepting and confident. I highly recommend Kim because she validates who people are on the inside, as she guides them to take action on the outside. Kim intuitively understands peoples' strengths and struggles, and she offers down-to-earth solutions they can put into practice right away. Thank you, Kim, for being the coach and confidante I can always count on! (Trish H., San Diego, CA)