Empowerment Program for Teens ‐ A Journey of Self‐Discovery and Transformation

This program is designed to help teens realize that they have control over how they live their lives, that they are responsible for the choices they make and these choices can lead to powerful outcomes. My goal is to instill in every teen the truth that they are special, they are loveable and powerful and that the only thing limiting them is THEM.

Through this workshop they will learn skills that help them reprogram their life. Through various exercises they will learn to create a new thought process free of limited beliefs, assumptions, interpretations and gremlins.

In this interactive workshop the following areas will be discussed:

*Thoughts become our reality- change your thoughts, change your life

*Beliefs and Emotions

  • what they are
  • where they come from
  • we are each a product of our own belief system
  • we are in control and can change our beliefs

*Judgment vs. non-judgment

*Personality types and how they affect communication and relationships

*Energy Leadership Development

*Stress Relieving and Empowerment Techniques

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation

*Vital role nutrition and exercise play in emotional well being

*Life is a journey to remember our innate wisdom and greatness

*There are no mistakes, only lessons learned and opportunities for growth